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A Quick Guide to Staying Creative and Motivated All Year

“What you focus on consistently will grow, good or bad…”

I posted the above quote on my WhatsApp status. Shortly afterward, I got a response. The person wrote, “It’s hard to focus“. I probed further and she opened up that lack of motivation was the reason.

I can relate to how she felt and I’m sure you have experienced this at one point or the other as well.

Staying creative and motivated all year seems a farfetched dream to some people, whereas to some others its a daily lifestyle. They hardly feel a lack of motivation to get to work.

Does this mean they won’t feel down occasionally? No! Of course, they would. the difference, however, is that they get to that point and quickly bounce back. Whereas an average creative person seeks motivation or just go with the flow, experts recognize the place of discipline and timing. They don’t leave their creative abilities to chance or move by motivation.

Don’t get me wrong. Motivation is an energizer but its nothing compared with discipline. If you’re a believer and conversant with your Bible, you probably have read or heard of the verse, “Seest thou a man diligent in his business? He shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men.” Proverbs 22:29.

That verse didn’t say a man who is moved by motivation or one who goes with the flow but rather a person who is diligent. Diligence is reflected in your discipline to carry out your task regardless of how you feel or your motivation level.

Do you desire to stay creative and motivated all year round? Then start practicing these steps now.

Get clear on what you want to do.

The fastest way to lose creativity is when you’re unclear as to what you want to do or achieve. If you’re honest with yourself you will attest to the fact that the times you felt uninspired or lack motivation are usually when you don’t know what to do. Motivation most times flow when clarity is in place.

Have a To-Do list.

This shouldn’t be a bunch of random things just because you want to have a to-do list. Be clear and take time to craft your to-do list. As a creative, this can be called a content calendar. It includes post titles and synopsis of what each would be about. You can go a step further to attach where resources would be gotten for it and case study(if any).

Set clear deadlines

Not having a deadline takes away any sense of urgency. Once there’s no urgency, procrastination has its way. Having the to-do list won’t make any difference if you don’t attach a deadline to each of the activities you aim to accomplish.

Protect your mental space

As a creative, your mind is your greatest asset. You can’t allow anything negative to stay longer than they should. Once your mind is afflicted you become incapable of giving your best. This year, be intentional about what you let into your space and be quick to reject anything that isn’t in alignment with your mental sanity. Protect your mental space.

Have an Accountability Partner

It’s way to easy to get distracted when no one is on your tail. The fastest way to get off track is when no one is in the vehicle with you. People can be a distraction sometimes but they are also the best in keeping you in check. What to stay creative and motivated all year round/ Then get an accountability partner.

Rest Adequately

Set out time to get enough rest. All work and no rest will lead to breaking down. It’s better to rest at will than to be compelled to rest as a result of illness or fatigue. As much as I want you to be productive this year, i also expect you to create time for resting and rebooting. Avoid burn out at all costs.

Here you go. Effectively incorporate these steps into your daily routine and you will be better positioned. You can also check out How to build consistency as a creative for more.

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