About Us

Better communications result in stronger, more memorable brand experience for your audience, which lead to bigger sales. - @Inkgeniusng

We help you discover, develop and monetize content. Inkgenius Consult is an educational and consultancy firm which was established to help people in Nigeria and Africa turn content into wealth. For so long, many have thought that writing and publishing are big hurdles that take a lot of money to achieve and as such have buried their dreams and slaved away in an industry that they aren’t particularly passionate about.

In 2015, James Iroro, founder of Inkgenius Consult noticed this gap and started a free group where he shaped the mindsets of aspiring writers to not only write better, but also to use self-publishing because at that time, most of the 200 participants didn’t have the resources to go to big publishers.

Our Impact Over Time

Over time, from connections with other industry experts and adding more writers to our clientele, we have built individuals who have published books that sell well. So far, we have touched more than 3000 people and that number is fast growing.

Partner With Us

If you wish to partner with us or want to start or scale your content, kindly send an email to info@inkgeniusng.com and we will be in touch shortly.