Adaptation: The Four-Step Process for Overcoming Creative Block.

Adaptation: The Four-Step Process for Overcoming Creative Block.

Have you ever inserted your feet in boiling water? I trust it wasn’t an exciting moment.

One time I did just that, it taught me a great lesson which anyone desiring to overcoming creative block need to learn.

For couple of minutes I felt the burning sensation my feet were experiencing but after awhile it became normal, I didn’t feel anything. My legs had adapted to the feeling, but the moment I switched the position of my legs, the burning sensation returned in its full wrath.

Creative block is like this burning sensation. The block is strong the first couple of days or weeks or even months. If it’s not dealt with, you may adapt to inconsistency.

However, you can use adaptation in your favor to overcome writers block. These four step process would position you to overcome creative block faster than you can imagine.

1: Accept you’re block.

Tons of content creators know they are block but spend countless hours trying to debunk this fact. If I had kept struggling with my feet in the bowl that would have prolonged the pain I felt. The moment I accepted the pain, it became normal and gradually I couldn’t feel a thing. The moment you accept you’re blocked, you position yourself to overcome it faster than when you’re trying to deny it. Stop struggling and accept you’re blocked.

2. Maintain your position.

Another thing that helped me overcome the burning sensation I was feeling was remaining in one position. As long as I remained still I couldn’t feel the pain. Content creators who experience block are quick to give up. If the ideas ain’t flowing rather than abandon the work, sit for a while longer. Ponder on one spot. Observe the blank sheet, no matter what you do, don’t leave that position. Please note, this doesn’t always solve the problem but give it a try before running off to the cinema or park to get inspiration.

3. Stay Focused.

Ever been in a dark room? For a while you see nothing but after couple of minutes your eyes begin to adjust and you’re able to see to some extent. Stay focus when you’re attempting to overcome creative block. Get rid of every distraction, pen any ideas that comes and focus on what’s relevant at the moment.

4. Adapt to the flow.

The final stage is to adapt to the flow. Maintaining your position and staying focus would kick start a brainstorming session, ideas would begin to drop, it’s important to adapt immediately and start writing them down. Don’t let the moment pass without getting the best from it.

The goal for putting my feet in boiling water was to soften them, just in case you’re wondering why. That reason enabled me to accept the pain, maintain my position, stay focus and adapt to the flow. Without a strong WHY you won’t overcome creative block easily.

Always define your why and then follow this process. Creative block would be a thing of the past if you follow these steps.

Did you get value from this? I would like to know what you learnt and you can ask questions also in the comment section.

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