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Five Sure Win Methods to Ignite Content Creation Zeal

Anyone can write and create content regardless of who they are.

If there is anyone that could never be an author, I was that person. I was terrible at writing.

If you schooled in Nigeria, you will remember secondary school when we were asked to write letters and compositions during English language? My sheet back then was dominated by the teachers red pen.

The highest I could get in letter writing was between five to ten marks. The teacher and I were never on same page except the connection between her hands and my head. When she placed a well directed knock at the center of my skull.

However that changed. How and when I have lost track but few things helped me along the way which I believe would help ignite your zeal for content creation.

Do you think you can’t write or create content? That’s not true, if someone like me can, you certainly can and even better. But getting started isn’t a magic wand; you require to ignite it

Below are five sure win methods that would ignite the zeal of content creation in you. These will radically change the content game for you this year and beyond.

Have a positive attitude towards content creation.

You see, I never believed I could create content. I’m sure you feel so sometimes. Rather than wallow in that feeling, I wrote my first post. It wasn’t the best but I appreciated the fact that I have written something. Focus on creating and have a positive attitude towards it. Having a draft to work on is better than a blank sheet for years. Build your confidence with every attempt you make at creating content. Most times the reason you lack zeal is tied to your attitude towards content creation. Have a positive attitude and zeal would follow.

Consistency should be your ally.

A lot of people desire to get better at content creation but they wouldn’t lift a finger to get started. It doesn’t happen by magic or wishing. You need to take action. Tips can only be made available but action is a personal task. One content created everyday or weekly consistently would energize you to keep creating content.

Identify your source of inspiration.

This is vital. There are people who have special times they get inspired. It could be from books, music or via association. Identify yours and utilize it well. Take a walk, engage in brainstorming. Read good books to get ideas. Attend lectures and seminars. Watch a movie – I have gotten loads of ideas from these sources. Identify what works best for you.

Have a content calender.

Rather than getting pressured to create content, deliberately craft a content calender that would make content creation easier. You don’t have to create content everyday, there are tools that aid you with that. However, you need set days to create content.

Seek Review From Others.

I have learnt that sometimes article I considered not good was loved by someone else. And most times when I revisit it I’m amazed I created such. Don’t judge an article by the first read. No law says you must publish your first draft but there can’t be a book without a draft.

These tips would definitely set you on the go. Remember, creating content is more practical than theoretic. You can’t read this and fold your arms, it would be a waste of your time and resources. Take actions daily, that’s what guarantees the result.

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