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Harnessing the Power of Collaboration for Brand Visibility

In a fast paced world where “I” comes before “Us”, one would wonder why collaboration is needful. Man is inherently selfish, so don’t beat yourself if you love yourself more than your neighbors.

There is always that struggle to be better than your competitors, and people go the extra mile just to outsmart the other even if it required unethical means.

Despite all of that, collaboration is still your greatest ally if you’re ever going to get visible and profitable. Your contact is limited, but collaboration breaks boundaries.

To understand this clearly, let’s talk about the “crab story”. Have you heard about the crab story? Ah really.. Okay let me tell you about it.

There is the common tale of crabs in a pot. They all want to get out but no one is willing to allow the other out.

Whenever one attempts to climb out the others pull that one back in and they battle within.

A lot of people, content creators inclusive, are like this.

Let’s see an example below.

I’m good in storytelling and I discovered a new secret about the craft. Just then an upcoming writer comes to me in need of guidance, rather than share my knowledge I hoard it. Because I feel, if he knows about it, he would get better at my expense.

Can you relate with that? Of course there is always one student in our class that did this back in school. I hope you weren’t the one?

To harness the power of collaboration you need to see others not as competition but rather compliments. The area you lack knowledge, which is common, become area the other person compliment you and vice versa.

How then can you collaborate for Brand visibility? Here are a few ways to get result.

Support those around you.

The fastest and most efficient way to collaborate is by supporting others. Even if they are doing the same thing you are, still go out of your way to support them. Social media interaction is another way to show your support for others. I personally make it a point of duty to like every post that adds value to me on facebook and instagram. Sometimes I may not be interested in what was written, I still like to encourage the person to keep posting. Also I make use of the share button to spread their valuable posts around my field.

Quick question, do you currently follow and interact with INKGENIUSNG on instagram? That’s what support is about. Click here to get started.

That’s how you show you support what we are doing and we would support you back.

Recommend them.

I belong to some groups on facebook, whenever a question or a problem is stated, the founders have a way of recommending members of the community that can solve that issue. When you remain hidden, no one knows what you’re capable of doing and hence can’t recommend you. Wherever you find yourself, lookout for people who are doing good and recommend them to others. Recommending someone might not bring you immediate financial gains but it sure includes your name in someone’s success story. Recommend people today that you can vouch for. When you recommend someone, in no time be rest assured that they would recommend you to.

Engage them.

It’s beyond just liking. Engage them on a regular basis. Check up on them, “Hello! How are you doing?” costs nothing, you should send it occasionally. What that does is position you in their minds. Most times they are likely to message you and consider working with you.

If you effectively carry out these actions you will be better positioned for collaborations. Start today.

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