Hints on Crafting A Phenomenal Book Review

Hints on Crafting A Phenomenal Book Review

Have you ever done something because someone gave a good review about it? Of course you have.

I remember vividly one time I read a book because someone talked so much about it and out of curiosity to find out why all the fuss about it.

Reviews are essential for others to take a certain action. As a result, a lot of authors are in dire need of book reviewers. Do you like reviewing books and products or would you like to get started? Then this post is for you.

A review need not be lengthy but it should be sufficiently detailed to point out two things:

To show you have read or used the product

To help other people decide whether or not they would enjoy reading this book.

Now let’s consider crafting a phenomenal book review. The review should include the following.

Title and Author.

Chances are the reader already know you’re writing about this book but still include the title and the authors name. So those who haven’t read the book can get theirs.

Book Type

There are different types of books. We have fictions and non fictions. Even within these two categories, there are tons of other subcategories. It would make more meaning if you can identify the exact category the book fall under. Also of its a fiction, you can write about the setting and location of the book.

High point of the book

See book review like a movie thriller. Include one or two interesting facts or episode that would trigger desire to get more. Or you could do a summary of the book.

Recommendation and CTA

The goal of the review is to get people to act in a certain way. Either to get the book or not to get the book. Depending on what side you’re working on. Not all book review encourage others to get the book, some do the opposite. Whatever your stand, always ensure it’s the true representation of how you feel and not a desire to bring someone down.

As a final note, the reveiwer of a book is as crucial as the author of that book. Their words can either promote sales or prevent it. Also as a reviewer, never give away the ending. This would spoil other people’s enjoyment of the book. No spoiler alert.

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