How To Repurpose Articles and Never Lose Meaning Even if You’re a Novice.

How To Repurpose Articles and Never Lose Meaning Even if You’re a Novice.

Have you been having issues crafting content for a while? Then you need to read this.

When we hear the word “re-purpose” as content creators, our mind wanders to just turning an article from a written form to a podcast or image slide or video post. Those or one way to go about it but the focus here is replicating a written post.

Re-purposing articles to fit numerous audience is an essential skill every content creator ought to posses. How do you then repurpose a written article as another written article without it been obvious or losing meaning?

Below are few things you can consider in other to achieve this.

Have a general template.

A template is something that can be used a thousand times and still look new. When creating each articles, ensure you give room for further use for example a post like Five Sure Win Methods to Ignite Content Creation Zeal can be re-purposed to address entrepreneurs or students. All you need to do is replace “content creation” with the audience you’re trying to reach. This is what having a general template is.

Have a distinct solution.

What hinder success sometimes is similar to want hinders self discovery and content creation. Considering the title I used as example, the solution remains the same but the words are edited to fit the problem. When creating content have a solution that works for a general audience. At the time you’re creating it, it might affect just one audience but it should be able to solve the problem of another audience if the need arise.

Each post is unique.

In as much as re-purposing is advised, it’s important note that each post should be unique. Give each content a unique features, suiting the audience and keep the story evergreen. Even though the template is older than Methuselah.

Now you have my secret. What you do next is very crucial. Don’t be surprised if I repost this article in couple weeks with a new title. That’s the idea. You never run out of what to write and teach, when you have templates, it’s much easier to create amazing content.

The ball is in your court. I would like to know what you have learnt. Also, do you repurpose article? Share with us in the comment section.

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