How to tackle Creative Hangover and Bounce Back Stronger.

How to tackle Creative Hangover and Bounce Back Stronger.

Can a content creator have hangover?You might be wondering. Yes he/she can experience such.

Hangover is usually an after effect one feels after going through something or taking something. It’s commonly associated with alcohol but in this episode, I would be relating it with writing.

I liken writing to an engine. One needs to “warm” the engine daily in other to derive maximum result. When an engine is “over worked” that could have a negative effect.

Musa, a friend of mine, bought a new car. He had been saving for it for over four years now. Finally, his dream G-wagon accompanied him from work on that faithful evening. He couldn’t keep calm (who would?), he drove the car to any and everywhere. Soon everyone knew him with the car. Even children were fond of calling “Musa G-wagon oyoyo”.

However, for a week now I haven’t seen the car. I got worried. I was aware how much Musa had spent to acquire the vehicle, I at a point had to chip in a little token (what are friends for).

This morning, I summoned courage to enquire the where about of “our” G-wagon. Musa sadly said, “I have being battling with one technician after another for a month now”. I was perplexed and asked him to explain further. He narrated his ordeal, while crusing one evening, the car came to a halt unexpectedly. He tried to start it but to no avail, the vehicle was tolled to a workshop close by.

The technician diagnosed and concluded the engine developed fault as a result of excessive use. Some parts had been damaged and needed to be replaced. I felt sorry for Musa but we all saw it coming.

As a content creator, you can overwork yourself. I know you need to keep writing and writing to get better and avoid seizure but much more you need to relax. A relaxed writer performs better than a stressed fellow.

Have you gotten to a point when you are too exhausted as a result of constant content creation and you feel drained? We all face that once in awhile, might not be so common but we do. Below are three steps you can do to deal with such.

One: Take a break.

There is a reason vacation was introduced in the calendar. Don’t be so zealous and conclude writers don’t take break, well we do. It’s a period of rebooting and unwinding. It gives you time to relax and put things in order mentally and physically. This is not to encourage laziness but physical rest.

Two: Go on a trip.

A trip in this case, might be reading a book, taking a walk. Just do anything you don’t do often. Something new and creative. That gives you new and fresh excitement. The keyword is relaxation. You could hang out with friends, watch a movie or if you can afford it, travel. This would surely help. A change of environment is good for the mind.

Three: Don’t Write.

“What is he talking about? I’m a writer that’s all I do” You are right but I would gladly sacrifice a day or a week of writing in order to get better. Study the eagle, there come a point when its wings become old. The eagle flies to a mountain and begins to break each feather. This process could last a month, it comes with pain and inability to fly. The eagle endures this because it knows when the process is complete, the new wings would last over 70years. It’s worth waiting for. Same principle applies here. When you feel exhausted, there is no point going further. Take a break from writing and have adequate rest. I can assure you, you would be better afterwards.

Creative hangover is different from being lazy. The latter is to be avoided at all cost. But if you are true to yourself and are certain of being exhausted, then you need a break.

Hope this episode has been helpful. For questions and consultation, drop a comment below.

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