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Perfect Teens Do Not Exist – A Vital Addendum For Teen Growth

To write a book for teens, the most distracted demographic is no easy task. Yet, Gbenga Obakin, a youth coach and financial crime consultant has deliciously executed this by weaving together vulnerability, storytelling, wisdom and practicality to deliver a book which is powerful yet conversational, packed, yet crisp enough to not be dropped.

It is made up of five bold chapters each which discuss topics that are very crucial to young adults. The first and second chapters are focused on Peer Pressure, a common problem that every growing individual faces.

In the first, he shines the light on his personal struggles and victories while letting his readers know that peer pressure can also be positive contrary to popular belief. I found that refreshing as popular literature on peer pressure is always negative. The second continues in the same vein by giving insightful tips on how to beat peer pressure and closing with well thought out exercises for readers.

The third chapter begins with 6 probing questions that directs the reader to look within and helps to define and refine the unique identity and personality of the reader. Gbenga shares a personal story from his schooling days on how he recovered from journeying on the wrong path, retraced his steps and found himself back on the right track. He highlights the benefits of living a purposeful life and emphasizes the need to be guided and guarded by a clearly defined focus, vision and purpose.

In Chapter four, Gbenga deals with the subject of drugs, alcohol and addictions. He highlights the signs and symptoms of addiction, and he also outlines the effects and consequences of different kinds of addictions and how to overcome them. He states four reasons why young teens indulge in such addictive practices, one of which is trying to seek approval from a group. He admonishes the reader to be consistently and continually productive as a means of avoiding the subtle grip of addiction and he emphasizes the need to seek for help as a means of overcoming any form of substance addiction

In Chapter five, the concluding chapter of the book, Gbenga skillfully describes the impact and effects of the Internet on young teens and encourages the youths to develop, retain and maintain a right and positive attitude towards its use. He presents 6 qualitative steps and tips to the reader for becoming what he calls “the perfect youth” some of which include: maintaining and sustaining the right mindset, taking advantage of available opportunities, not underestimating your talents and living a honest, and modest life.

The book is a veritable tool in the hands of prospective youths and teens who are seeking an accurate compass and road-map to help them navigate successfully through the rigors and vicissitudes of juvenile life. I recommend it to teens of all ages and stages of growth as a vital addendum to their growth as individuals in the society.

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