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Just like a dream, we’re in the seventh month of the year 2019. How has it been for you? A lot has happened and a lot still in store for you. However, there are two kinds of people in the world. Those who make things happen and those who watch things happen. What category you fall under is dependent on what you do.

I have identified certain things you should focus on doing this July. They’re guaranteed to change the game for you, if you put in the work.

In July, Get your money mindset right. Focus on results and not just activities. Give yourself adequate rest. Only the living can make and spend money.

In July, Get your strategy right; getting busy without a strategy won’t produce sufficient result. Focus on the strategy and take action.

In July, Take learning and personal development seriously. Don’t just rely on what you have known; be open to learning. Take a course. Read a book, by all means, know more at the end of July than the start of it.

In July, Say no to FEAR. You have been letting fear stop you since the start of the year; it’s time to divorce fear and marry action. There is so much on the other side of fear.

In July, Don’t procrastinate. There is no tomorrow to shift your action to, it’s already occupied with activities. Take action today and by all means, never tell yourself “I will do it tomorrow” just do it now.

In July, Take your walk with God serious. Fellowship more with believers. Study more to grow and not just to argue on twitter. Spend time in prayers. Live a holy and sanctified life.

Welcome to July.

May your dreams and aspirations become a reality. May you receive ideas that would take you to your next level. May God lead you beyond your imagination this month.

Have a blessed month and God bless you.

Your Friend!
James Iroro

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